PhD student

Expertise: Electrochemistry and corrosion


Matteo Grattieri is a PhD Candidate in Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering since 2013. His Ph.D. research is focused on the enzymatic micro-sensors development and the electrochemical study of microbial fuel cells. He got his BS and MS degrees in Chemistry at the University of Milan, focusing on Physical Chemistry/Electrochemistry. In 2009 he obtained an Erasmus fellowship and he spent a training period of six months at the Department of Physical Chemistry of the University of Valencia (Spain).

During his Ph.D he was visiting researcher at the University of New Mexico, NM (USA) with Prof. Plamen Atanassov and at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) with Prof. Ernesto J. Calvo. The visiting periods were focused on the study of Multicopper Oxidase Enzymes for biosensors applications. Since 2011 he is working in the research groups of Pierangela Cristiani (RSE) and Stefano Trasatti (UNIMI).


Peer-reviewed journals

[8]       M. Grattieri, P. Scodeller, C. Adam, E.J. Calvo, NON-COMPETITIVE REVERSIBLE INHIBITION OF LACCASE BY H2O2 IN OSMIUM MEDIATED LAYER-BY-LAYER MULTY-LAYER O2 BIOCATHODE, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, (2015) Under Review

[7]       E. Guerrini, M. Grattieri, A. Faggianelli, S.P. Trasatti, P. Cristiani. PTFE EFFECT ON THE ELECTROCATALYSIS OF THE OXYGEN REDUCTION REACTION IN MEMBRANELESS MICROBIAL FUEL CELLS, Bioelectrochemistry, (2015) In Press

[6]       M. Grattieri, S. Babanova, C. Santoro, E. Guerrini, S. Trasatti, P. Cristiani, M. Bestetti, P. Atanassov. ENZYMATIC OXYGEN MICROSENSOR BASED ON BILIRUBIN OXIDASE APPLIED TO MICROBIAL FUEL CELL ANALYSIS, Electroanalysis, 27(2) (2015) 327-335

[5]       E. Guerrini, M. Grattieri, S.P. Trasatti, M. Bestetti, P. Cristiani. PERFORMANCE EXPLORATION OF SINGLE CHAMBER MICROBIAL FUEL CELL BY USING VARIOUS MICROELECTRODES APPLIED TO BIOCATHODES, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, 39(36) (2014) 21837-21846

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