PhD student

Expertise:  electrochemistry and corrosion.

Enrico Volpi attended the high school graduation at  Liceo scientifico A. Volta ( Milano) in 2005, obtaining 91/100 as mark. After the high school he joined the faculty of Industrial Chemistry at the University of Milan, the bachelor degree was achieved in 2008, with a mark of 110/ 110 by discussing a thesis on Ir(III) organometallic complexes with photoluminescent properties. The university career continued by attending the Master degree in Industrial Chemistry and Management in 2010. The final thesis, being the result of one year of research performed at the Corrosion and Metal Protection Laboratory, and having as subject the Electrodeposition and characterization of polypyrrole films on Al alloys, got a mark of 110/110. The research activity in the field of organic coating for corrosion protection continued from December 2010 to March 2012 thanks to a grant on the subject: Conformational relaxation of polypyrrole electrodeposited on aluminum alloys, and from March 2012 to November 2012 thank to a fellowship, financed by the Cariplo foundation, on the topic: Corrosion protection of light alloys by conducting polymers and silane-based coatings.

In November 2012 he started his PhD in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Milan, completely changing his field of interest, passing from organic coating to the study of the Microbial degradation of reinforced concrete.


Enrico Volpi, Monica Trueba, Stefano P. Trasatti, Sergio Trasatti; Effect of polypyrrole conformational rearrangement on Al alloys corrosion protection; Journal of Electroanalytical chemistry; 688 (2013) 289 � 297

Enrico Volpi, Monica Trueba, Stefano P.Trasatti; Electrochemical investigation of conformational rearrangements of polypyrrole deposited on Al alloys; Progress in Organic Coating; 74 (2012) 376 � 384