Dr. Edoardo Guerrini

Edoardo Guerrini took the “Laurea” in Chemical Science at the University of Milan in 2001, with a thesis titled “Characterization of perovskite-like oxide as electrocatalytic materials for the cathodic reduction of oxygen.”. He obtained the PhD in Chemical Science in 2005. From 2006 he worked in the filed of electrocatalytic materials for hydrogen and oxygen production. His scientific career started right after the “Laurea” in the Department of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, tutored by Professor Sergio Trasatti. Under his guidance he conducted his first studies in the field of electrocatalysis and relation between interphase/surface properties  and electrocatalytic properties. In this area of interest and to increase his know-how, he spent part of 2004 at the University of Ulm (Germany), Department of Surfaces and Catalysis, in the laboratory of Professor Jurgen Behm. During this period abroad he had the opportunity to increase his knowledge about the synthesis and characterization of complex materials based on nanotechnologies for the optimization of Fuel-Cells (hydrogen or methanol). His research and connection with other scientists involved him in studies of principles at the base of  electronic transfer and structure of the interphase in composite electrodes of oxides, precious metal, Boron Doped Diamond.

Edoardo Guerrini is co-author of 11 papers in international journals and 2 chapters in electrochemistry-books. He was also an organizer of VINCI School 2006, an international school of electrochemistry and electrocatalysis. In addition, he was an organizer of the International Corrosion Meeting “Corrosion Modeling for Life Prediction – 2006”.

In the year 2008 E. Guerrini won the Electrochemistry Division Prize “Oronzio De Nora”, as a recognition of the research developed during his PhD.


Main publications in the last years:

1. E. Guerrini, A. Colombo, S.P.M. Trasatti. Development of a Physical-chemical method for the recycling/recovery of exhausted metal shot blasting media from industrial sandblasting processes. IPCM 2, (2012), 36-50.

2. E. Guerrini, M. Grattieri, G. Lubatti, P. Cristiani, S.P.M. Trasatti. Single chamber microbial fuel cells: bio-anodes and bio-cathodes. Chimica e l'Industria. (2012), 94(9), 112-117.

3. P. Cristiani, M.L. Carvalho, E. Guerrini, M. Daghio, C. Santoro, B. Li. Cathodic and anodic biofilms in Single Chamber Microbial Fuel Cells. Bioelectrochemistry (2013), 92, 6-13.

4. E. Guerrini, P. Cristiani, S.P.M. Trasatti. Relation of anodic and cathodic performance to pH variations in membraneless microbial fuel cells. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2013), 38(1), 345-353.