Dr. ALESSANDRA COLOMBO                                      


Alessandra Colombo took the “laurea” in Chemical Science at the University of Milan in 2006, with a thesis

on Ni, Co, Fe mixed oxides for O2 evolution reaction.

She is currently a Post-doc student conducting research on alternative methods (other than painting) for the protection of aluminium devices exposed to severe weather conditions: analysis and testing of copper/silver-plated aluminum devices for RF applications.

Her main research interests are in the field of electrocatalysis: production and characterization of transition metal mixed oxides for electrocatalytic applications; implementation of novel synthetic method for the production of metal oxide nanoparticles; characterization of produced materials by electrochemical and physical-chemical techniques.

She is co-author of 3 journal papers and 11 conference proceedings papers.


Main publications:

1.E. Guerrini, M. Piozzini, A. Castelli, A. Colombo, S. Trasatti; Effect of FeOx on the electrocatalytic properties

of NiCo2O4 for O2 Evolution from Alkaline Solutions; Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry (2008), 12(4),


2.  E. Guerrini, A.Colombo, S. Trasatti; Surface modification of RuO2 electrodes by laser irradiation and ion

 implantation: Evidence of electrocatalytic effects; Journal of Chemical Science, (2009), 121(5), 639–646

3. S.P.M. Trasatti, A. Colombo, E. Guerrini; Development of a physico-chemical method for the recycling/

recovery of exhausted metal shot blasting media from industrial sandblasting process; IPCM Protective

Coatings, (2012), June, 36-50